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Bathroom Fan Heater
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Radialight is an innovative Italian manufacturer of electric heating products.  Our company, Sol*Aire Heating Products Ltd, is the UK distributor for the Radialight brand. On this website you will find a selection of heaters which have been designed with economic and environmental sustainability in mind.  Highlighted below is a fine selection of heaters which are now available to buy in the UK.

Klima & Icon Electric Heaters

Digitally controlled electric radiators, with built-in, exclusive Radialight® DUAL-THERM technology – two different heating systems incorporated in a single infrared radiation and natural convection unit. The Klima is horizontal format and the Icon is vertical format.

Klima & Icon Wifi Electric Heaters

Radialight® introduces the new series of connected Klima & Icon Radiators WIFI: the perfect fusion of energy-saving technological innovation, Italian design and high level of comfort.

Windy Bathroom Fan Heater & Towel Rail

Small, silent and smart: with an ultra-slim design in the thinnest point of only 11.2 cm, WINDY digital bathroom fan heater – also available as WINDY 2B with aluminum towel rails and as WINDY VISIO with aluminum towel rails and mirror.  The Radialight Windy will give your bathroom a hi-tech sofisticated look. This elegant wall-mounted fan heater is able to spread heat quickly, silently and homogeneously.

Deva Bathroom Fan Heater & Towel Rail

Essential lines, rounded edges Thin profile. The purity of glass, a natural material that accumulates head and releases it gently … While furnishing your bathroom with elegance. Research by Radialight laboratories has produced DEVA, a unique electric towel warmer radiator, with a combined action.

Why Radialight’s ‘Dual Therm’ is the best form of electric heating

We believe that the Dual Therm combination of infrared and convection is the best form of electric heating.  Here is why:

Convection Heaters: on their own uniformly heat the room and the air, but they take time to warm it up.

Oil-filled Electric Radiators: also heat the room uniformly, using convection and some radiant heat, but also takes time to warm the room.

Infrared Heaters: heat very quickly, but only people and objects, not air. You need to be in the line of sight to feel it. However, it provides a warm and comfy feeling due to the radiant form of heat. Should you move away from the line of sight, you feel cold again. With convection heaters, if you open a window, the warm air is lost. But with infrared, you still feel warm for a period of time.

Mica heaters combine both these forms of heat and warm a room quickly and uniformly but are very hot on the surface and you have to position the heaters a meter away from objects. If you have children, you may not find this to be a desirable solution.

Radialight’s Dual Therm combination of infrared and convection really does provide the best of both worlds; rapid uniform heating of the air and objects in the room, without being extremely hot on the surface.  It can be safely wall-mounted.

We believe that Dual Therm is the best choice.