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Radialight Kyoto Dual Therm Radiant Panel Heater, Wall Mounted Smart Radiator

  • DUAL-THERM system: radiant infrared & convection heat
  • Intelligent power supply control for increased efficiency
  • User-friendly display and control panel
  • Electric thermostat
  • 24/7 timer
  • Opticontrol detects when you’re in the room to save energy
  • AI learning, the heater will automatically create a programme around your routine
  • Powercheck function provides daily and weekly energy consumption details
  • Open window detection
  • Anti tamper lock
  • Quick and easy installation and zero maintenance costs
  • Optional WiFi connectivity for control via your smart phone
  • IP24 splash proof protection, ideal for installation in bathrooms as well


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Energy efficient. Stylish heating.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Kyoto is a stylish, slimline and built to the highest standards. The Kyoto mixes a slimline and attractive design with the latest energy efficient features. The radiator creates an unrivalled level of comfort with its dual-therm heating technology. Which combines radiant and natural convection to give the best heating experience.

The Kyoto is available in 1000w and 1500w power outputs. A single unit can heat small – large room sizes. Additional heaters can be added for larger spaces according to requirements.

The most comfortable heating.

The DUAL-THERM system ensures that your comfortable and the room is completely heated.

The front panel radiates infrared heat which you can feel on your skin. While the 2nd element provides natural convection heat which is silently disturbed across the room.

The heater will also optimises its energy consumption as the room approaches the set temperature to save energy and prevent the room from being over heated.


AI Programming 

The heater can recognise when you’re in the room then use AI to create a programme around this. By activating the Auto function, the heater will automatically create a weekly schedule. It will set the heater to Comfort mode when you’re usually at home then and Eco mode at the other times.

If your habits change the heater will adapt the program to avoid wasting energy by reducing consumption to the minimum.

The multifunction display allows you to view the learning status to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted between 3 levels in order to be able to manage the most varied installation conditions and limit non-optimal detections as much as possible.


Smart WiFi Control Option

By selecting the WiFi model, you’ll be able to control the heater with Radialight’s tailor-made App. This lets you access the heater’s functions from anywhere with your smart phone.

With the App heaters can be joined, so every heater in the room can be controlled as one. This lets you select exactly which rooms are heated, rather than the whole house at once. Preventing you from wasting energy.

The WiFi function is enabled by installing the WiFi chip into the rear of the heater.


Lasting Quality

The Radialight Kyoto is a market-leading wall-mounted panel heater built from the highest quality materials – ensuring that your living environment remains safe and comfortable. For absolute peace of mind, it complies with all necessary EU and UK approvals.

The Kyoto is backed by a comprehensive 2 year guarantee, covering the body work and electrical components. You can be rest assured that this electric panel heater is built to last.


Product Specifications

ModelPower, WDimensions (W x H x D), mmHeated Space, m2Weight, kg
KYOTO70750685 x 450 x 8096.8
KYOTO101000800 x 450 x 8012.507.7
KYOTO1515001020x 450 x 8018.59.5
KYOTO2020001250 x 450 x 802511.6
Heated space is based on a modern UK room with a good level of insulation.

Additional information





2 years




Klima WIFI

Power Output

1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 750W

Power Type




IP Rating



WiFi, Non-WiFI

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