The Advantages

Highlighted below are the main arguments for buying Radialight electric heaters over other products. Through innovation in design, there are some important advantages to consider when comparing them to the alternatives.

All Radialight Heaters

We think that more and more heaters will be piece of furniture or parts of interior décor. Not anymore “ appliances”. If we are able to give a value to this ( and to easily communicate this at first glance ) people will forget about a higher price over less advanced electric heaters. Architects and prescribers will recognise this.

Smart phones are everywhere in our life. We think that , where possible, a touch screen control helps creating a higher image perception of a product both in terms of design and HI TECH concept

KLIMA & ICON Electric Heaters

Radialight Klima Dual Therm Infrared Convector Heater

Radiant heating is becoming the standard choice when buying electric heaters in the UK and the EU.

The main reason is that when passing in front of the heater we feel warmth coming from the front/ body of the heater : it is a very cozy feeling, like the sun’s rays, and is better perceived than the traditional bottom-up air stream of a convector panel heater.

In addition, the radiant heating component helps to keep the body of the heater always warm (depending on the necessary heating energy). So we feel a gentle release of heat, which is also considered very comfortable. Traditional convector heaters are always quite cold on the front panel.

There is also an improvement in the gradient of temperature from floor to ceiling, although this is more difficult to realise and measure, there is a definite improvement in this area.

This is the secret inside the MCU of the electronic control. The intelligent software inside the MCU checks the difference between the set temperature and the ambient temperature (every 20-30 sec.) and the way this difference changes during time. The algorithm decides, according to these 2 parameters if to use 100% of the power * 100% of the time or not. In the second case the time of use of the heating power is “cut” and energy is saved. The interesting result is that people “trust” in the product. It is like when in modern dish washers or washing machines the product decides how long to wash according to the dirt they feel.

This kind of “ABS” effect in adjusting power also helps to better control the temperature. It is called “amplitude”. This means that temperatures will have a very small oscillation around the set point = no hot and cold shots = comfort feeling. Implicitly this also means energy saving = if I don’t feel a cold shot I will never re-adjust the setting ( rising the temperature).

Please note that precision is not only at a certain temperature in stable working condition = small amplitude. It also means that the heaters will be able to react in order to keep the required temperature in case the outside temperature goes down : the heater will automatically heat more = small drift.

All the smart functions in these 2 products help people to have a more conscious control of the heater , adapting its use to our life style and life rhythm = heat just how much is needed , just when it’s needed . This is easy to understand.

How to help people?

In many different ways : anyone of us makes use of these ways at his own best convenience.

Weekly programming

not so much to be explained, it is obvious. The heaters allow a complete free weekly programming because anyone of us has his own life style

Correct energy saving temperature

there is an arrow on the display which marks in colors from green to red if I am choosing an energy saving comfort level or not.

Movement detector

Used as an alternative to weekly programming , a bit like PIR sensors in led lights.

Open window alarm function

Just in case we leave the window open…..

Calculation and communication of the heating consumption

I know what I spend, and from this information I can decide if I am comfortable with the situation. If not I can decrease the temperature, make ECO periods longer etc.

The end of the story is that, if I consciously use all these powerful instruments + the precision in temperature control I can easily save 30 – 40% on my energy bill compared to an old generation heater.

NOTE: For this reason, the KLIMA has been appointed last year as best electric heater in all the polish market by an association of electricians/ house builders / prescribers

There is not that much to say : we all know what ‘home automation’ means. Our approach is:

DEVA / WINDY Bathroom Fan Heaters

Radialight Deva Bathroom Fan Heater & Towel Warmer

In DEVA the fan heater is the quick heating system : in a few minutes the temperature of the bathroom is warm. Then , the glass surface, evenly warm at a temperature of around 60°C gently releases a radiant heating effect to keep the required comfort level. If for any reason the temperature goes down the fan heater is automatically resumed again.

In WINDY ( due to its very small dimensions) there is only a fan heating system.

We think that a towel warmer is an excellent product to make towels warm or dry but it is not necessarily an efficient heating system for a bathroom (unless enough big + working 24 hours a day and without towels).

The real demand from the market is to have a system which makes the bathroom warm AND to dry towels ( additional use).

To dry towels we all know we need a warm surface and have towels on it or in front of it. But how to quickly and comfortably heat a bathroom?

In modern life people don’t have much time to spend in a bathroom ( or probably they never had). So , if we carefully think we need to heat a bathroom for not more than 30’ – 60’ a day, very quickly and then just keep it at a not too cold temperature (ECO) , heating it again , quickly , when we need. This is the concept we implemented in DEVA and in WINDY.

The smart controls in DEVA and WINDY help consumers to use heating in the bathroom according to their life style.

These products offer solutions to any specific need :

Radialight Windy Bathroom Fan Heater & Towel Warmer